Introducing a First-of-its-Kind Breakthrough in Robotics

The Alfred Mann Foundation has constructed an entirely new kind of prosthetic.

The Alfred Mann Foundation is leading the way when it comes to robotics, prosthetics and medicine. The Foundation recently announced an exciting new trial of seven individuals, and with the help of Rich Davis and the team at Rogers & Cowan, they hope to bring awareness to this medical marvel. They say that these individuals, such as retired Staff Sergeant James Sides, have received new prosthetics that hint at a futuristic perspective for medicine.

The device works on sensors that were embedded within Sides’ forearm. When we move our hands normally, muscles all throughout our arms act as the catalyst for this movement. The sensors read the muscle movement in Sides’ forearm and fill in the blanks, so his hand moves according to how his forearm moves.

The effect is like watching someone with mind control. It’s quite strange at first, even for Sides who says he still has to think about things before he does them. The hand opens, closes and moves seemingly on its own.

Sides lost his arm during his second tour in Afghanistan, when he located an IED embedded in the ground. He was attempting to uncover the IED and work on it when the device detonated. He was thrown from his position, breaking his forearm in the process. He also went blind in one eye.

For Sides, the hand isn’t just a part that he lost. It’s a chance at a new lease on life. He hopes that this technology will continue to improve his life, and he has gained the confidence he needs to re-enter the workforce. He plans to become a ski patrolman in Colorado, using his survival skills to help the lives of others.