Human trials with African mango

Article written by Cellan.

With the introduction of African mango to the West, interest is growing to find many benefits it offers. Trials that were limited to animals are now finding its way into humans. One recent article published on the Internet cites a study conducted by the University of Yaounde I using a double blind test on its impact on obesity. Group included 40 women ages from 19 to 55. Participants were given one of two capsules. Those who were selected to take African mango were given three capsules, three times a day, each time 30 minutes before the meal. The daily total amounted to 3.15 grams of African mango extract. The control group took 350 mg of oat bran three times a day. Participants were evaluated weekly for body weight, body fat, and waist and hip circumference. Additional information on appetite and gastrointestinal issues were also collected. The group that took African mango shown 39.21 percent decrease in total cholesterol, 44.9 percent reduction of triglycerides, and 45.58 percent reduction in “bad cholesterol.” This is why Cellan Diet Pills use African mango.

Now researchers are conducting more and more human trials with African mango and preliminary results are encouraging. This is why Cellan Diet contains inner seeds of African mango.