Making your home healthy for the Spring and Summer

Written by Wicker Paradise

After the colder days are gone, it might be time to start prepping the house to welcome spring and summer. With some simple chores, you would be able to transform the house into a summer haven and make it healthy at the same time.

Disinfect Your Furniture

When winter passes it is a good time to disinfect all your furniture and wash your cushions.  Most cushion covers can be removed to be washed or can be placed in the washing machine as whole, but make sure to use the delicate setting and cold water. Hot water could damage some foams.  For cleaning wooden or wicker furniture, simply use furniture cleaning sprays, which usually is also enough to disinfect and kill germs. If your cushions are too old, the consider getting Lane Venture replacement cushions or pillows.

Summer Interiors

By going for a seasonal update of your interior, you would be able to render your home fit for the summer. Your interior space might be enhanced with light and bright accessories. Moreover, anything that tends to evoke and provoke heat would need to be set aside. Indeed, heavy rugs, heaters, blankets and fire logs would not be the most welcomed for a sunny summer look. Candles can also be replaced with fresh flowers in vibrant summer colors. Winter mats can also be replaced with more lighter ones.

Summer Outdoors

If you already have a porch or patio, it might be the time to prepare them to welcome warmer days by opting for a new wicker furniture set. A wicker sofa is ideal to indulge in a book or just relax outside during summer days.


The airflow can also be freshened to provide a cool summer look. To create a strong draft from the ceiling fan, the counter-clockwise rotation can be selected. This will ensure that the blades are turned upwards while spinning, thus pushing the air downwards. Air conditioner filters would also need to be replaced and central air checked by a professional.

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