Healthy Diet Tips for Busy Makeup Artists

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

If you’re a professional makeup artist, you know how demanding your career can be. Many artists work long days without the luxury of set breaks and lunch hours. So how does a busy makeup artist avoid eating fast food and junk food?

While it’s hard not to give in to fast food when time is of the essence, it’s possible to eat healthy by planning ahead. In fact, many of the leading make up artist schools in the nation provide their students with tips on how to remain healthy while working in such a demanding field. Here are three diet tips that will ensure you stay healthy and energized while on the job.

Pack your lunch. The best way to avoid giving in to unhealthy food choices is to have healthy options within arm’s reach. Pack your lunch the night before and include healthy choices such as lean turkey sandwiches or green salads with loads of vegetables and healthy olive oil dressing. Even though you don’t go to an office with a break room, you can still bring your lunch with you. Use a small cooler for a lunch bag and add blocks of ice to keep your food cold and avoid spoiling.

Bring healthy snacks. Don’t stop with bringing a healthy lunch. In addition, pack healthy snack options for when cravings attach in between meals. Bring healthy snacks such as nuts, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Snacking on whole foods will not only keep you fuller longer, but will also give you the energy you need to tackle your day.

Stay hydrated. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue. Combat low energy by sipping on water all day long. Avoid juices and soda that can fill you up with unnecessary calories. Drinking water all day long will also keep you fuller longer.

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