3 Snacks that are OK to Eat at Night

Eating after 8 pm has a bad reputation. However, the problem isn’t really with the timing but actually what you eat and how much as well.

On the contrary, eating at night has some benefits and these include a number of snacks too.

That said, here are 3 snacks that can be eaten at night for your benefit:

#1: Pistachios

Not only are these little nuts very nutritious but it can be also very satisfying. Since one has to put in work for a while, by de-shelling them, that means you can also slow down your rate of consumption too. Another big plus with this type of nut is you get 49 nuts per ounce – the most that is offered compared to other types of nuts. Of course, if you want a little more, then enjoy pistachios with some goat cheese too.

#2: Dark Chocolate

For the most part, chocolate is considered to be forbidden except the dark chocolate variety. Packed with antioxidants, there’s no doubt that the cacao-rich chocolate is very different from its traditional variant. Best part: it doesn’t have the high added sugar content that is available in the supermarket format that you have.

#3: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds works as the perfect snack because it not only satisfies a craving but it also gets you ready for bed too. In fact, just one serving should give you 50% of your required intake of magnesium required for almost 300 reactions in your body. Yet most of all, the biggest advantage is that it helps you to relax more than anything.