Why use EGCG and Vitamins?

Guest post is provided by Cellan Diet. EGCG and Vitamin B and C are important to fight free radicles, boost energy, provides antioxidants and many other benefits. This is why Cellan Diet Pills contains 100 percent green tea extract and Vitamins to give you combative power you need.

It is a well-known secret that green tea contains a powerful polyphenol known as epigallocatechin 3-gallate or commonly called EGCG. It provides your body with a multitude of fighting powers that helps to control and eliminate problematic free radicles, powerful antioxidants, cell regeneration, repair damaged DNA, and host of other benefits. Combined with Vitamins especially Vitamins B and C, together the combination becomes more powerful in combatting many deficiencies we our body creates. Drinking several cups of green tea a day as well as consuming Vitamin rich food can bring known benefits to anyone. However, for many with special conditions and those who are unable to practice good dietary habits, a supplement rich in EGCG and Vitamins may be an option. This is where EGCG and Vitamin fortified Cellan can help with anyone. Not only this product contains fighting powers but also provide additional power boost to your body.