What is an Asian table shower?

gardenretreatspa 1 dec 16By Garden Retreat Spa

Table shower massage NYC, are offered by many Asian spas and they help to cleanse the body before the massage. Most showers will involve hot and cold water being splashed onto the body to cleanse and open one’s pores.

Preparation – Before you use a table shower, you will have to remove all clothing and will be handed a robe. You will then be directed to the table shower and told to lay first on your back and then on your stomach. If you are uncomfortable about nudity, ask your spa if they offer disposable underwear

Water temperature – The water temperature will depend on the treatment you have requested for. Some treatments use hot, warm or cold water, which is poured over your body at the start, during and after the treatment.

Asian Spas – Most table shower massages are offered by Korean, Thai or Japanese spas. While some Western and European spas have also included this process in their treatments.

Common treatments – Most common treatments will include a Japanese spa treatment called aka Suri (salt scrub) and a Korea spa treatment called the body scrub. Both these treatments will involve the therapist using coarse mitts to brush away dead skin cells.

Tips and warnings – The Asian table shower is sometimes associated with a sensual massage.  NYC has many massage parlors that offer sex and therefore you should contact your spa directly and inquire about details prior to your visit.


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