The most popular types of massage

gardenretreatspa2By Garden Retreat Spa

Here is a quick breakdown of the some of the most popular massage therapies practiced today. The list covers everything from deep tissue massage to the most relaxing and sensual massage NYC.


The is by far the most common type of massage practiced. The therapists use long smooth strokes along with circular strokes and kneading with lotion and oil. This is the best type of massages for people who have never gotten one before. It is very gentle and relaxing.


Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils along with massaging to address the specific requirements of the massage. It will depend on what you want. It could be for relaxation, stress or simply for balance. Aromatherapy can be a very sensual massage New York and is particularly good for stress relief.

Hot stone

Hot stone massage uses heated, smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles. It can be extremely relaxing although there can be some discomfort for those not used to the hot stones placed on the body. It is very good to relieve muscle tension but without an extremely physical massage.


One of the many popular types of Asian massage, Thai massage looks to align the energies of the body. This is done by using gentle pressure on specific points. Some people describe it as Yoga without doing any of the work it is a very physical experience. It is a very energizing type of massage.


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