How regularly should you change your mattress?

Getting proper rest and sleep is the most important thing we can do for our health and wellbeing. The importance of that sleep puts a lot of emphasis on the mattress we sleep on every night. Here are a few ways to determine if it’s time for you to change your mattress.

Better sleep on another mattress

The biggest sign you need a new mattress is when you wake up in the morning feeling stiff with aches and pains. Bad sleep leaves you unable to concentrate and lacking energy throughout the day. Try sleeping on another mattress, like in a hotel, and if you have a vastly better night’s sleep, then it’s time for a mattress replacement.

Life changes

Sometimes for various reasons the compositions of our bodies change. We might be leaner or slightly heavier. Often, a mattress might not be able to handle those changes while maintaining comfort. This is why kid’s mattresses need to change so often to accommodate their rapid growth.


Another problem with an aging mattress is that it does not isolate movements. Because of this, your partner will feel every move you make at night. One solution is to get a mattress topper with memory foam to isolate movements. According to The Foam Factory a mattress cover greatly extends the life of a foam product by reducing the wear and tear, so try and get a cover for a new topper.