Luxury and Comfort You Deserve

By The Foam Factory

Having a boat or a yacht means that you like to live a life of luxury and comfort. To be able to enjoy things that the common man cannot enjoy. When we think about luxury, it is closely related to comfort. Comfort means having a soft seat or a bed, even on a boat or the yacth. But you cannot use regular foam as your seat cushions, no. Regular cushions absorb moisture and can be host to a wide array of bacteria and mold. Boats and yacths alike are encouraged to use dryfast foam. Dryfast foam is specially designed for marine foam cushions as well as other outdoor application. Dryfast foam is beneficial because of the following reasons:

Wicks Moisture Quickly

The membrane and material of dryfast foam allows it to wick out moisture faster compared to conventional foam that allows it to become useable sooner  than regular foam when subjected to water. The coating is also designed in such a way that it is able to repel small amounts of water so you dont get all  the moisture inside the foam.

Prevention of Mold and Bacteria

With moisture being a part of the design considerations, it was made with a treatment that prevents the growth of mold and bacteria when subjected to water. This is a very important factor to consider when talking about its effects on health.

Dryfast foam is a worthy investment to put on your boat or yacth that highlights the luxurious and comfortable lifestyle you deserve.

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