How to Protect Your Mouth From Cavities

Dental cavities form when the enamel of the teeth gradually deteriorates due to exposure to bacteria and its byproducts. An effective way to prevent tooth decay is to brush daily with a toothpaste that contains fluoride, which rebuilds the enamel. Such a relatively abundant mineral plays a key role in dental health worldwide. A Glendora CA dental practice can clearly explain to patients all of the benefits of fluoride in routine oral hygiene.

People who exclusively drink bottled water might be at a high risk of developing dental cavities. Even though they may contain some minerals and other natural additives, most bottled water products lack fluoride. A Covina dental office encourages patients to drink more tap water that is already loaded with fluoride as mandated by government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency. Even though they remove contaminants, most basic water filters actually don’t take out beneficial fluoride that is dissolved in tap water.

Individuals who undergo orthodontic treatment are also vulnerable to developing dental cavities. Whether they wear traditional braces or alternative products like Invisalign, orthodontic patients tend to get cavities during the treatment process. A Glendora Invisalign provider instructs patients to brush their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste and rinse with a mouthwash multiple times per day. Such simple oral care can essentially eliminate harmful bacteria that thrives on the Invisalign mouthpiece or traditional braces.

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