Common Questions to Ask Your Dentist

dental-healthBefore the next appointment with a Glendora dentist, it pays to prepare some questions in advance. Since it’s so easy to forget them once the patient is settled in the dental chair, write them down. Here are some suggestions of what to include on the list.

Tips for Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Most people choose a toothbrush based on habit or how comfortable the bristles feel when brushing. While this method is not bad, the Glendora family dental expert can provide some tips on how to choose a brush that does make it easier to clean the teeth properly. Since a more effective brushing after every meal helps to reduce the risk of decay and gum disease, following the advice given is a smart move.

Improving the Look of the Teeth

It never hurts to ask if there is some type of procedure that would make the teeth look better. As an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Pasadena CA will point out, even healthy teeth can be a little brighter or could benefit from a crown or a veneer. Discuss the options and how they would benefit the patient. One or two procedures could make a significant change in the way the teeth look.

Remember that the family dentist is always ready to talk about any dental issue that the patient can imagine. Don’t assume there is any question that the dental expert will consider to be out of line. From questions about choosing the best kind of floss to considering the merits of investing in implants rather than dentures, the patient can expect to hear answers that are complete, helpful, and geared toward protecting the patient’s health.

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