5 tips to follow on your spa day

By Garden Retreat Spa

Spa days can be relaxing and give you just what your body and mind may need to unwind. To make the most of your spa experience, here are some expert tips.

Watch what you eat – Heavy meals or alcohol during or before a massage can make you feel uncomfortable.

Eat something light – If you feel like you may get hungry, bring a light snack with you or order a snack at the spa. Most reputed massage Nyc parlors will have a light meal menu, which caters to most diets.

Clean up – It is best to take a hot shower before your massage so that you are clean and your muscles are relaxed and open. To avoid irritation when being massaged, it is recommended to shave before your appointment.

Stretch it out – It can be helpful to do some light stretching before your massage. Light stretching will help relax tense muscles and prevent injury. Light stretching is especially important when visiting New York Asian massage parlors, as the therapist tend to twist and lengthen the muscles.

Get comfortable – You should always undress to your comfort level. Professional therapists will work with the clothing you have on.


Go to Garden Retreat Spa. Between the seasoned professionals and the calm, clean environment for a New York massage, you’ll walk away feeling better all over.