Is it constipation or bloating, what is the difference?

Guest post is provided by Coleanse. We often use constipation and bloating interchangeably. Whatever the situation, Coleanse Diet rich with Cape aloe and Bentonite clay can bring relief from both conditions.

We often use constipation and bloating interchangeably. Many think that there is a difference between the two conditions. Constipation refers to a condition where it is difficult or even impossible to have a bowel movement. Bloating on the other hand refers to a feeling that your stomach is full of gas, fluids and water. We should have at least three bowel movements within a week period. If you are experiencing less than that, the condition is called constipation. The continued constipation or lack of bowel movement leads to build up of feces in the colon and cause bloating or the feeling of fullness in the stomach. Therefore, some thinks that bloating is a symptom of constipation. The condition could differ from person to person. Both conditions are related and a supplement such as Coleanse Diet can help you to get relief. Coleanse Diet contains Cape aloe extract and Bentonite clay that have been proven to gently cleanse the colon and bring relief from constipation and bloating.