4 Bad Health Habits That Are Actually Good For You

A number of addictions that are presumed to be bad for health do have certain benefits especially if you avoid overdoing it.

Who knows? It might be that Facebook addiction, smoking or just the desire to live like a slob that might be the habit that you should hold on to.

With that said, let’s discover which 4 Habits that are bad for you are actually good:

#1: Chewing Gum

A new study has found that chewing gum actually improves thinking and alertness. But that’s not all – as earlier research has found that chewing sugarless gum not only reduces sweet cravings but also reduces consumption by 36 calories. There’s one caveat though – don’t chew mint gum.


#2: Living like a slob

While not being a neat freak is frowned upon, there’s actually an upside to this bad habit. Researchers have found that dust mites, which are known to cause asthma attacks or hay-fever like symptoms, are not able to survive in beds that are messy because it is too dry and warm for them.


#3: Enjoying dessert with breakfast

It’s permissible to eat a cookie along with a breakfast that is high-protein and high-carbohydrate in nature. In fact, this will help dieters to stay on track in comparison to those who have low-carb, low-protein diets. As for enjoying a cookie, it curbs sweet cravings that might strike later while the carbs and proteins will keep you feeling full.


#4: Facebook Addiction

Writers find Facebook to be a constant addiction but a recent study shows that a short break viewing relaxing pictures or friends’ status updates on Facebook might actually boost your mood.