The Health Benefits of a Massage

Written by Comfort Soul

Everyone on the planet likes getting a good massage, which is why the practice is woven into just about every culture you can come across. Antiquity is full of examples of different types of salon furniture because people have always loved feeling relaxed.

But there’s a more important reason for you to take to the spa tables more often for a massage. It’s because massages are really great ways of relieving stress, something all of us live with too much of.

We hear the word “stress” so much, most of us have almost stopped taking it seriously. It’s like we just assume it’s a part of life we can’t do anything about.   But this is far from true.

When you experience stress, an actual physiological change happens in your body that leaves you less healthy. Amongst other things, your body begins to horde fat because it feels as though it must be in dire straits and wants to hang onto as much of the precious material as possible (fat is good for survival situations, of course).

So we should all stop looking at massages as exercises in pampering and start looking at them as important steps towards better heatlh. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with how great they feel either.


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