Checking In on the Vibes You Are Sending Out

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

We all know that the main objective when following the Law of Attraction is to send out the right sort of vibes to the Universe. These are the types of vibes that serve as a signal that you are in a positive and abundant frame of mind and are ready to receive abundance in return. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell exactly what sort of vibes you are sending out. It isn’t something you can see or test for, but sending out negative vibes can have an adverse effect on your ability to find happiness.

The best way to determine if you are sending out the right vibes is to see what type of results you are getting. Simply put, if you are getting positive results, chances are that your vibes are in the right place. A steady stream of negative consequences could mean that you are letting negative thoughts leak into your vibes — even if you aren’t aware of it.

Keep in mind that the Universe acts in concert with the vibes that you are sending out. If you are sending out negative energy, it will respond by giving you more of the same. The good news is that the opposite is true: positive energy is rewarded by positive things in your life. If you are spending your time observing the negative things that surround you, you will quickly find that your negative energy leads to obstacles in your life. Reverse this by choosing to observe the positive things that surround you. Doing this helps to break the cycle of negativity and puts you in a place to receive abundance in your life.

Dr. Eric Amidi used Artificial Neural Networks as part of the team that discovered the Top Quark. Now Eric Amidi uses this knowledge to help guide people through the steps needed to find abundance in their lives.